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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply between Northern Source LLC - hereinafter referred to as "Contractor" - and customers for all orders, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Any conditions that contradict or supplement this provision will become part of the contract if they are recorded in writing.

Subject and Conclusion of Contract

The subject of the contract is an agreed service to be provided by the employees of the Contractor within the agreed time frame. The services presented on this website are exclusively for commercial customers. The contract is concluded as soon as the customer signs the offer, until the commencement of the provision of services by the Contractor.

Scope of Services on Request

The scope, procedure, and nature of the services to be provided are agreed in writing or orally between the Contractor and the customer. The Contractor acts only on the basis of an order or agreement confirmed in writing by the customer, which defines the services to be provided. Changes, additions, or an increase in the scope of services require an additional written agreement.

Contractor's Obligations

The Contractor is obliged to comply with the provisions of data protection laws and regulations. The Contractor ensures that its employees have signed the corresponding declaration of commitment.

Customer Responsibilities

The customer is obliged to provide the Contractor with everything necessary for the proper performance of the contract within the scope of its professional activities. The customer guarantees that reports, statements, programs, calculations, projects, opinions, organizational plans, as well as all other documents created by the Contractor within the scope of the contract, will only be used for their own purposes. The results of the Contractor's work, for which copyrights have been created, remain with the Contractor, unless they contain essential business and operational secrets of the customer.

Responsibilities of Both Parties

Both parties undertake to disclose information about the content and results of the services provided only with mutual consent to third parties. Both parties undertake to respect each other. In particular, they refrain from employing or otherwise engaging employees or former employees of the other party who were involved in the performance of the contract until 24 months after the termination of the cooperation.

Liability and Compensation

The liability of the Contractor for all claims should be limited to the value of the contract. The Contractor shall not be liable in cases of minor negligent breach of obligations, provided that such breaches do not constitute significant violations of contractual obligations; damages resulting from death, injury to health; breach of warranty obligations; claims for product quality under the Product Liability Act. The Contractor shall not be liable for indirect losses, loss of profit, loss of savings, and other financial losses.

The liability of the Contractor for data loss is limited to the typical recovery efforts that would be undertaken with regular data backups. If the non-compliance with deadlines is caused by force majeure or similar events, such as strikes or bureaucratic arbitrariness, which significantly impede or make the provision of the service impossible, the deadlines should be extended accordingly. This condition also applies to the customer's obligations under this agreement.

If the customer does not accept the services or if the customer fails to fulfill or delays its obligations imposed on it under the agreements, the Contractor may demand an agreed compensation (without additional costs) for the services not provided due to the customer's failure, without further obligations to fulfill the order.

Term and Termination of the Contract

The contract is valid until the agreed date therein. At the customer's initiative, the contract may be terminated prematurely, provided that the Contractor receives written notice of termination 12 weeks prior to the expected date of premature contract termination. At the same time, full compensation (excluding additional expenses) will be paid for the services actually provided by the Contractor before the expiration of the contract.

At the same time, the customer shall also pay no compensation for the services not provided but agreed upon by the Contractor, as well as the Contractor's lost profit. If the Contractor fails to fulfill its obligations within the agreed time frame, the customer has the right to set a reasonable deadline in writing for the fulfillment of the overdue obligations and/or to terminate the contract. The Contractor shall not be liable for the delay in fulfilling its obligations if such delay occurred for reasons beyond the Contractor's control.

Due Date and Right of Retention

Unless otherwise specified in the order confirmation, payments must be made in full within 7 days from the invoice date by transferring them to one of the accounts specified in the invoice forms. If the customer has not made the payment, the customer will automatically be considered in default 7 days after the payment deadline expires, without any additional explanation from the Contractor being required. As long as the Contractor has not received the full compensation, the customer has no right to claim against the Contractor for improper fulfillment of obligations.

The amount of compensation should be based on the price lists of the Contractor valid at the time of the order, unless otherwise agreed. In case of delayed payment, the Contractor has the right to demand interest at a rate of 12% above the respective base interest rate, without making any additional claims. The Contractor has the right to claim compensation from the customer for actual damages incurred due to improper fulfillment of obligations by the customer.

All agreed amounts must be paid including value-added tax as determined by law. The customer is not entitled to make deductions based on other contractual relationships with the Contractor. Invoices must be sent electronically by email. All claims of the customer.