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Synthesized Natural Gas // SNG

SNG - Synthesized Natural Gas. Synthesized Gas is produced by the largest oil and gas companies in Qatar, Kazakhstan, Russia or UAE.

  • Delivery: Worldwide
  • Quantity: From 10 000 Mt
  • Original: Qatar, UAE, Russia, Kazakhstan
  • Timeliness: Currents
  • Preis: By Request

SNG - Synthesized Natural Gas

Synthesized Natural Gas (SNG) is a gas that is produced through the synthesis of various feedstocks, including coal, biomass, or even waste materials. The production process typically involves converting these feedstocks into a gas that closely resembles natural gas in terms of its composition and properties. 

Synthesized Natural Gas (SNG) is produced by the largest oil and gas companies in Qatar and Russia or UAE. The supply of synthesized natural gas is carried out in batches, the size of which is discussed between the seller and the buyer during the order process. 

Delivery and Storage of SNG

The quality of synthesized natural gas (SNG) meets all international standards, including in the field of environmental safety. The price of delivery of synthesized natural gas (SNG), discount, detailed procedure and logistics are discussed with the final buyer or his official representative.

SNG is a synthetic gas that can be produced from various feedstocks such as coal, biomass, or natural gas. The delivery and storage of SNG typically depend on the production process and the specific infrastructure in place. Let's explore the general aspects of SNG delivery and storage.

Delivery of SNG:
1. Pipelines: The most common method of delivering SNG is through pipelines. SNG can be injected into existing natural gas pipelines and transported over long distances to end-users or distribution points. This method is highly efficient and cost-effective, leveraging the existing natural gas infrastructure.

2. Compressed Natural Natural Gas (CNG): SNG can be compressed and transported in high-pressure cylinders or trailers, similar to the transportation of natural gas in its gaseous form. This method is typically used for smaller-scale applications or areas without a well-established pipeline network.

3. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG): In some cases, SNG can be converted into LNG by cooling it to extremely low temperatures. LNG is easier to transport and store compared to gaseous SNG. It can be loaded onto specialized cryogenic tankers and transported by sea or road to the desired location, where it is regasified and injected into the natural gas network.

Storage of SNG:
1. Underground Storage: SNG can be stored in underground storage facilities, such as depleted natural gas reservoirs, salt caverns, or aquifers. These storage options provide large-scale storage capacity and help to balance supply and demand fluctuations. The SNG is injected into the storage facilities during periods of low demand and withdrawn during periods of high demand.

2. Above-Ground Storage: SNG can also be stored in above-ground facilities such as pressure vessels or tanks. This method is suitable for smaller-scale applications or temporary storage needs. The SNG is compressed and stored at high pressures in these containers until it is ready for use.

3. LNG Storage: If SNG has been converted to LNG, it can be stored in specialized LNG storage tanks. These tanks are designed to maintain the extremely low temperatures required to keep LNG in its liquid state. LNG storage facilities are commonly used in areas where the demand for natural gas fluctuates, such as for peak shaving or backup supply.

It's important to note that the specific delivery and storage methods for SNG may vary depending on the production technology, infrastructure availability, and local regulations. The selection of appropriate delivery and storage options is determined by factors such as scale, geographical location, cost considerations, and the requirements of the end-users.


  • Pipline
  • Track
  • Tanker
  • Railway

Numbers / SNG

  • SNG Synthetic Natural Gas
  • Mining Сountry: Qatar, UAE, Kazakhstan
  • Supplier: Northern Source LLC
  • Product Quality: International
  • Delivery: CIF, FOB, Incoterms
  • Quantity: By Agreement
  • Contract: 1, 3, 5 Years
  • Price: By Request 

Conditions / SNG

  • Deliveries according to the procedure discussed in the contract.
  • Deliveries according to Incoterms 2010, Incoterms 2020 procedures.
  • Terms of delivery and discount will be discussed with the buyer or his representative. 
  • The contract value will be discussed with the buyer during the conclusion of the contract.

Our Offer 

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  1. Experience in the field of procurement of SNG - Synthetic Natural Gas
  2. Knowledge in the procurement and storage of SNG - Synthetic Natural Gas
  3. Competent services in procurement and processing of SNG - Synthetic Natural Gas

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